Manufacturing evolution

From 1978 to today

Reglass carbon fibre products, manufacturing evolution: from the manufacture of fishing rods to rollers for printing and converting, to anti-seismic devices.


The company creates a revolution in fishing gear first of all with the use of carbon fibre to produce fishing rods. Next, they identify the best producers of this extraordinary material in Japan and start to collaborate with them to develop fibres that have the right features for obtaining high performance in resistance and lightness. Later on, the company develops this technology as well for the production of bicycle frames, windsurfing masts and ski poles.

Reglass has been a pioneer, serving as a role model for all those companies that have successively developed high-quality products in this area.


Production activities are added to the sports sector. The most advanced technologies are applied to the realization of sports equipment and are conveyed into productions destined for industry: carbon fibre rollers for the printing, converting and packaging industries. A new era is born and an ad-hoc company is created: Reglass H.T.


Recent is the debut in the construction field with the development of an anti-seismic device by Sismocell that, combining the properties of steel and carbon fibre, enables the reduction of the destructive effects of an earthquake in prefabricated structures.