The Group, owned by the family, deploys its business through four companies.

Two of the companies are in production:

  • Reglass S.r.l. produces carbon products that are 100% Made in Italy for outdoor sport: fishing rods, windsurfing masts and other tubular forms. At the forefront of this company are research activities;
  • Reglass H.T. S.r.l. produces industrial carbon rollers.

Whereas Marketing and distribution of the brands dedicated to the fishing sector are entrusted to:

  • Paioli Sport S.p.A.;
  • Maver Ltd, located in the United Kingdom.
Reglass Group, Pirazzini family

The management of the Group is exercised by the Pirazzini family, who promote their interests and defines the lines of action as well as strategic plans.

Luca Pirazzini 
Responsible for production areas, he guides research activities and the development of new products.

Massimo Pirazzini
Connoisseur of fishing tackle, Maver brand, leads all marketing initiatives and sales in the fishing industry.

Paolo Pirazzini
Deals with financial management.