Carboflon self-lubricating bushings

Carboflon self-lubricating bushings are new high-tech sliding bearings designed to withstand high specific loads, comparable to those of steel. They meet high-speed requirements and are suitable for use in high-precision mechanical production. Thanks to the carbon structure it’s possible to obtain the absence of mechanical play between the shaft and the sliding surface.

Carboflon self-lubricating bushings
Carboflon bushing

Self-lubricating bushings how they work

They have a life span far superior to the corresponding steel bushings covered in bronze, bronze-graphite, or sintered, and have excellent heat dispersion. They are fabricated using a composite structure consisting of long high resistant carbon fibres, with a high elastic modulus. Inside there is a layer of PTFE loaded with micro-particles and firmly attached to the composite through an exclusive technology developed by Reglass.

Bushing detail

Fields of use

  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Printing
  • Aeronautical applications
  • Naval applications
  • Mechanical applications with heavy loads
  • Mechanical applications with high accuracy